You don't know what you've got 'till it's gone.

How many people are starting to find out just what the last 40 years of EU membership has actually been doing for everyday life?

How many things taken for granted should have had a sticker on them saying 'Funded by the EU' or 'Protected by EU regulation' or 'Enabled by EU contribution'? How many other things have been possible because the EU funding, regulation, processes are taking the strain and allowing things to be achieved on top of and alongside them? How many projects have been removed from the capricious game of national politics and just been done rather than argued about. Just because these things have/have had EU support does not mean that they will be any priority for UK funding?  In fact, the reverse is probably more likely.

We probably didn't want the EU stickers as the EU has always been the UK governments whipping boy.  It's always been so easy to distract criticism by pointing a finger and saying 'it was their fault, they interfered, they started it', and just like an allegation of any form of misconduct, the response will be 'no smoke without fire' and an attempt to fan a visible flame from the situation by various media interests.

In the same way we would not place a sticker stating UK / private interest / foreign investment on things. If you know who's driving it you know who to blame when it goes wrong; or who to thank when it goes right.

Who ate all the Pies

How about a marking standard like that used for food? A little circle as a pie chart showing where the money comes from.

There would be different colours for EU funding, UK national government funding, Local government funding, Lottery funding, Foreign investment, Private donation, Commercial interest.

But then it would be visible where the money came from, and that might expose interests, or lack of interest in a project, which might get people interested as to why and asking questions. We really would find out  just what the last 40 years of EU membership has actually been doing in everyday life?

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