Anyone for a Party?

I am sick of politics, Left and Right, Intelligensia and 'workers'. Let's tear up the current lists and try something else. Maybe the 'party' is over, and its time to get back to work.

A new / old idea 

I am in favour of a 'Practical' party; a 'get things done' party; a 'Make Money but Be Nice' party; a party defined more by recognising and tackling problems that need to be solved than debating the separationist ideologies behind them

A party that puts Justice before Favour, where someone you disagree with, but can get the job done, is allowed to get on with it without any backstabbing.

A party which sees running the country as a job that needs doing, not a path to glory, and which doesn’t see the 'turning of the wheels' as valuable in its own right.  

A party where outcome is paramount over process, as long as it stays within the law.

An agile party that can adapt and adopt without losing its way.

I am in favour of a country where everyone's children can grow up without being discriminated against because of the way they speak or the colour of their skin or their choice of food or religion.

A country where everyone feels that they have equal access to Justice.

A country robust enough to stand up for what it believes is right on the international stage, and not be afraid to voice disagreement, or get stuck in to help to resolve problems.

A country that restricts playground politics to the playground, and where the representatives of the people get on with running the country not their own careers.

A country where public service is a reward in itself and does not have to be feather bedded.

A country that keeps its word, is loyal to its allies, sticks with the job even when it gets unpleasant, and gets stuck in, willing to lead not just follow.

We had these ideals before; where did we lose them?

Maybe as a country we did not lose them.

Maybe we just didn't elect people who had the same values.

Maybe we voted for a party not a person, and then were disappointed. 

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